Monday, August 2, 2010

Recommend Me (8)

Recommend Me is a weekly event in which participants will pick one of their all time favorite reads to share. This could be a book that you read yesterday or years ago. This meme is hosted by Kate at The Neverending Shelf.

Today was the first day of band camp so in recommendation of that! And the sun burns I received (I didn't put on enough sun tan lotion), and the annoying other people I have to deal with (I so would at times rather be on my computer in the blogging world :P). I figured I would show you the two books that I have read and reviewed that deal with band geeks!

Yes I have an addiction I'm a band geek.

So check out my past reviews of...
Band Geek Love by Josie Bloss: Book Cover

and my favorite book...
(Which was a past Recommend Me.)

So how was your day today? Were you band geeky like Ky, who's also at band camp, and Me?

Are there any other band geek books that I might not know about? I know Band Geek Love has a squeal. Are there more? I know there has to be more! Actually I know a few but I forget the titles right now.

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dutchesscourtney said...

I've got a whole series! Look up The Line by Courtney's drumline specific, but supporting characters are from other sections.

Digital version is only $3!

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