Privacy Policies

As a younger blogger I take my privacy along with yours very seriously. So these following things I take to heart and expect you to believe me when I say your privacy is very important to me.

  • I usually do not collect information here at Loud Words and Sounds, but if it is collected the information is not shared or sold to anyone, unless an author or publisher needs the information to ship you a prize.
  • Information shared in the comments is not under my control, if someone decides to email you because you leave your email their then that is not my fault. I highly suggest making a Google ID so that you have an online personification. Mine is MG, and at points my real name; but if I'm commenting on someones blog I don't know I'll use my personification, which I suggest you do to.
  • The blog for purposes is met for mature individuals, meaning that I try to focus in on novels that I enjoy reading so individuals in my age group, a little younger or older will appreciate the blog. So individuals under the age of 13 might not be comfortable with the content here on Loud Words and Sounds.
  • Parental permission is needed for individuals under the age of 13  to enter a contest here at LWS, but I have no way of telling this so I'm expecting to have your full honesty when entering a contest.
  • I am not in charge of other sites privacy policies that are linked to this site, so they can differ vastly from LWS policies.