Sunday, August 1, 2010

Band Geek Book Lovers?

Well since this week (well tomorrow) band camp starts for me and my clarinet (her name is clari 1, I have two and the second is clari 2, yes I name them! I mean I named my nook too!). And unlike movies and tv show marching bands, we don't go away, we stay at are comfy football practice field (full of ditches) and are non air conditioned school (but the band room is but last Thursday it was broken...). So I'm going to be doing some band geeky type things on the blog. Maybe ranting about how hot it is or how I love my clarinets. Maybe even tell you how I started playing clarinet who knows! But I have a question for all of you! Are you a Band Geek Book Lover!?

In my last award I mentioned that I'm now the clarinet section leader and lieutenant field major. And a lot of you responded that you played an instrument too! So I was wondering how many of us Band Geek Book Lovers are out there?

So Leave a comment, saying your name, instrument you played (or play) and if you had/have a position then included that too. Maybe a cool funny memory too!

I'm not just saying Band members can answer, if you played piano, were a drummer in a garage band or guitarist or something else list it. Even if it's the bango like my uncle used to play (I'm being serious I'm not kidding! He did!). And the Recorder counts!

Maybe we can make a little group and talk about old or new band memories or something?

Here's my answer:
Name: Andrea
Instrument: Clarinet (I can play flute a little bit too.)
Position: Concert Mistress, Clarinet Section Leader, and Lieutenant Field Major
Cool/Funny Memory: Last year we got new marching band uniforms, and they have mirrors and sparkles on them. Before that the Colorguard (Flag Twirlers to some, my sister will kill me for saying that!) had sparkles on their uniforms, and came up with the sparkle dance. Where they would shake and the light would reflect all over the place. With their new uniforms they didn't have sparkles. We did though and started doing the sparkle dance! Okay I suck at retelling memories. It's funny to me. We also tried blinding the football team with the mirrors, we don't really like are football team (well my friends don't). And also are mirrors come off some times... so that equals them on the field.

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Ky said...

Band geeks for the win!!!! I feel like I'm joining some band club help group.

Hi my name is Kyleigh, and I'm a band geek/book lover. I usually play flute, and I was a rankanal leader last year for my section. This year I am a drum major! Woot!

I have too many funny stories so I'll just say that we started band camp today too!!!! And two people about passed out from the heat just this morning. I am now bringing a community jug of gatorade to the field tomorrow. O.O

BandGeek22 said...

My name is Katelyn. I play the clarinet and saxophone. I was clarinet and saxophone section leader for marching band season this year, but I played clarinet for marching and sax in jazz band. My favorite memory has got to be band camp my freshman year (i'm a junior now), it was so much fun! I totally failed at marching when I first started...but now i'm much better! :)

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