Review Policies

Review requests need to be sent to, and if you follow the guidelines and policies below the process will be easier for you and me.

Categories and Genres Accepted:
Young Adultincluding all genres
Adult- including Romance, Comedy, Paranormal Romance, and Urban Fantasy
Shojo Manga- including all genres

Formats Accepted:
EPub, PDF, Hardcover, and Paperback copies are accepted
 (EPub and PDF are given priority)

Other Things:
  • Reviews after being added to the list, will receive their reviews in about one week to three months after being finished. This is due to a large amount of review back up right now.
  • If you are requesting a review on a book further into a series, I will ask if I could have a copy of the predecessors in the series, for it’s not fair to judge one book without seeing the rest.
  • There is no rating system in my reviews. I only comment on what I liked and disliked about the books in the reviews.
  • All reviews are HONEST.
  • I try to finish all the books I read, however if I can’t get into a book and I see no way I can read it then I will give up on that book, typically I try to read at least 50-100 pages of a book before giving up.
  • I will happily accept any advanced review copies, do interviews, work with blog tours and host contests or giveaways.

What You Need to Include in Your Review Request:
If you include all of these things in your request, I can figure out if I can review your book or not, quicker. Please include:
  • Book Title
  • Author’s Name
  • A Synopsis of the Book
  • A Website Link for the Book and Author
  • Release Date
  • Contact Information

How I decided to Review a Book:
I don’t accept every review I receive; books will be accepted because of personal interest. If I accept your book for review, I typically email you back within a week or two, depending on what is happening in my life at that point. I will not send an email back if I have decided not to read your book; if you’d like to follow up on a request that is appreciated.

Music Reviews:
Music reviews are on a case to case basis, and shown through Tunes Thursdays, I typically listen to rock and alternative rock, so please send an email to to see if I would like to review your piece of music.

All books I review are either from publishers, authors, friends or bought by myself. I do not accept or receive monetary compensation for any reviews or mentions on Loud Words and Sounds.

Current Review Policy as of June 28, 2011.