About the Blog

Loud Words and Sounds was something I started out on a limb and has grown into what it is today. What you can find here is book and music reviews that are pretty basic. And I don't judge the books or music harsh and in fact I decided to get rid of the rating system for one reason, I can't judge harsh. But the main reason LWS exists is because I love to work with computers and read, and this blog is the reflection of that. So when a few of my friends started blogging I just fell in with the bandwagon.
Blog Stats:
November 23, 2009- Blog Began
May 20,2010- Reached 100 Followers

June 19, 2010- Reached 250 Followers
December 2010- Reached 300 Followers

About the Blogger
I'm a basic bookworm and music nut. I love listening to Alternative rock, and reading Manga, Young Adult or Adult books. I adore playing the clarinet and writing stories, but also working with computers. I can speak some French, but not much. You can learn more about me by looking through some of my posts. My favorite food however is Pasta and I hate worms, needles and snakes.

About the Design
Loud Words and Sounds is completely designed and made by me through my self business Musical Designs. If you would like to learn more about Musical Designs check out the site (It's not fully set up yet, but you can still contact me). If you'd like some help or tips don't feel shy and just shoot me an email to andrea@amusicaldesigns.com