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Band Geek Love by Josie Bloss (Review)

Band Geek Love by Josie Bloss: Book Cover

All band, all the time. That's how trumpet goddess Ellie Snow has made it to senior year. No drama, no dating. Just keeping lock-step within the safe precision of the Winslow Marching Band. She's a fierce section leader now, and so over the heart-crushing social disaster of her freshman year. No boy is going to ruin Ellie's shining moment-her senior solo performance at the homecoming game. And then Connor Higgins shows up. Not even Ellie can resist the trumpet player who could be a model for Abercrombie & Fitch. It's a hook-up made in band-geek heaven! But Ellie's not ready to publicize their romance, not even to her best friends. After all, Connor's just a sophomore. What would everyone say? Breaking formation and revealing her true self would be like . . . marching on the field completely naked! Then Ellie discovers the flipside of secrets and how it feels to be shut out by the ones she loves.
Band Geek Love was for me a great read, however some might be confused about the whole world of marching band and music lingo that the book entails (well there isn't a lot but ya it can be confusing).  Bloss's first novel wasn't bad, I enjoyed the slight humor between Ellie and Conner. And as their relationship develops, you can really see Ellie's character develop. Conner as I can see it would be the whole perfect band geek boyfriend that I would fall in love with. (Though clarinetist verses trumpeter, clarinetist rock!!!.... well at least in my band they do.)

But back to the review....

There is only one other book I can compare this book to and that is my favorite book Major Crush by Jennifer Echols. Band Geek Love compares to it highly in my mind. Yet as the romance of Conner and Ellie develop you see well some writing that could have been improved. But nevertheless Josie Bloss did a great job on this novel.  I could easily connect with the characters, especially Ellie, since I know the stress of being in marching band and wanting everything to be perfect. And anyone in band or that understands simple music would completely understand this book.

Story wise sum up: Ellie as a senior has been single since her best guy friend's brother denied her freshman year. But when Ellie notices the cute and best looking sophomore in the stands of her end of band camp performance she "flubs" her trumpet solo. And in result Ellie has to fight for that solo for the rest of the book, but also understand what's happening with Conner and her. While also trying to understand her two best friends and how they fit into this whole problem of Ellie's life.

Sequal~Band Geeked out~
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HOW TO BE A BAND GEEK VIDEOS (not Band Geek Love Trailer):
I found this when searching for the Band Geek Love Trailer.... 
I found it hilarious because I do some of these things (well in both of the videos).

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