Monday, August 16, 2010

Break - I Need to get Homework Done

Hi Everyone,

So to speak frankly, I need to get school work done. I want to blog but I have three weeks to finish Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights. I know the last two are going to take me a while to read because they just will. And LWS is just such a large distraction right now. I really want to blog and read "fun" books, but I need to get these books read if I want to pass my AP English course this year. I have assignments for each book and I've been neglecting them. I was hoping to maybe juggle both LWS and my homework but right now with everything else coming up and Band it's just not happening. So here's the deal I am going to limit my time on this blog. Posts may be infrequent for the next three weeks and if there are any I'm hoping they will be reviews or maybe an affiliate update. I also have designs that I owe people so I will be trying to do them also while on this break. So please don't leave my blog, because I'm absent for the next couple of weeks. Once school starts I should be back to normal. I have quiet a few easy classes and a lot of them have computers so that means blogging at school! Did that last year too. So much fun. ^_~

Have fun. I won't be like that kid I hope.

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The Library Lurker said...

Do what you need to do! I'm in a similar situation, though my summer reading books aren't nearly as heavy as yours! And yes, P&P and Wuthering Heights are going to take a long time! Good luck!

nymfaux said...

Hey good luck!!! I totally sympathize w/Pride and Prejudice!!!!--I did ok when I had to do the other two...Also, the Mel Gibson version of Hamlet is practically word for word---Actually, I'm pretty sure there are movies for all those books--I'm not trying to recommend cheating by watching movies, I just know that sometimes it helped me to supplement a dry text, and if I had a better idea of what was going on, it was easier to read--Also, you can make a good paper out of comparing the books and the movie adaptations...Anyway, good luck!!!

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