Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Losing Faith Voting!

*buzzing noise from TV station*
(I'm not even one day into it and I'm posting someone yell at me.)

So it's time! And yes I'm hyper. For sakes I finished Hamlet, today so one book down two more to read and three to do assignments on. This is the first time I'm promoting for a cover I made and today Cindy at Princess Bookie posted the covers for her Losing Faith by Denise Jaden Cover Remake. Check out all the pretty covers HERE! And I'm serious there are some pretty ones, way better than mine. I'm pretty sure mine won't make it through because of that. Yes, I'm downing my own. See I'm not confident in it at all. :P But here it is again.

But please take the few seconds to vote HERE, wither it be for mine or someone else's cover.

P.S. If anything is spelled wrong I'm blaming it on the brace on my wrist which has been bugging me.

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