Friday, August 13, 2010

Creative Stories: Leilani (Blogger)

Today one of my lovely affiliates Leilani, has stopped by to tell you more about herself! And it's her birthday!!!!!!! Go wish her happy birthday!

Name: Leilani
Blog Name: Leilani Loves Books

Leilani Loves Books
Andrea: Tell us a little about yourself, the blogger behind the blog.
Leilani: My name is Leilani. My best friend, not my best friend now, introduced me to a book series. She used to read it to me over the phone and I would pretend I was listening until one part just caught my attention one day. That very day I ordered the first two and much to my amazement, I read them both in less than a day! Ever since then I have been a book obsessed girl who reads my books in one sitting. Reading and writing is a huge part of my life. There is nothing I like to do more.

Andrea: What's your blog exactly about? What do you typically post about.
Leilani: I typically post book reviews. Occasionally i will have an author interview and contests so look out! Every once in a while I will have a personal post with an update or if it's something I really just want to share, ill share it!

Andrea: Do you have any book in particular that you would save in a fire or bring on a deserted island?
Leilani: OMG just one! Awww would have to be Rules Of Attraction by Simone Elkeles. It is definitely my favorite book out of the ones I have ever read. 
Andrea Comment- Loved this book (Luis is mine though!)

Andrea: Music is a part of Loud Words and Sounds, so does it take part in any aspect of your blog? If not what's some of the bands or artists you love listening too.
Leilani: Hmmmm, no music does not take any particular part in my blog but it is in my life! I love listening to different types of music. If I had to pick a band... I like listening to We The Kings, Evanescence, Hey Monday and plenty of others I just can't think of.

Andrea: Random question time! Pick One.
Crayons or Pens Leilani: Pens. Im not a fan of crayons.
Fish or Guinea Pig Leilani: Fish. Guniea pigs smell! Plus, fish can be so pretty!
Hardback or Paperback Leilani: Both. If its a smaller book then I prefer paperback, but if its a rather large book I prefer hardcover.
Red or Blue Leilani: Red. It looks better on me ;)
Mexican Food or Chinese Food Leilani: Depends on what im in the mood for. Im rather fond of both though.

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Leilani @Leilani Loves Books said...

Haha, yes I no Luis is yours...For now.
Just saying.

nymfaux said...

Yea!!! Great post--Keep 'em coming!!!!

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