Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tunes Thursdays (7)

Tunes Thursdays is used for me, to tell you what I'm currently listening too, and also give you a taste of music that's interesting to listen too while you read, write or are doing work. Also it helps fulfill the title of the blog! Sounds, duh.

Okay I'm doing another The Active Set song, because I really love this song more than Sea Legs (just saying...).

Song: Better Brigade
CD Name: The Active Set
The Active Set Cover Art
Band: The Active Set
Band Members:
Matthew Stolarz- Bass & Vocals
Wayne Russell- Guitar & Vocals
Francis Ramsden- Guitar & Vocals
Michael Castro- Drums & Vocals

About the Band:
(From Facebook Page)
With a healthy nod to '80s post-punk and rock, the Active Set offer a high-energy dose of indie, intelligent and upbeat. We love quirky, driven melodies with smart hooks. Then we like to change our minds, and change it up.



an optimistic call to arms

I am fed up with this sad sorry state
I've had enough of having restraint
so I'm rounding up friends to carry the weight
an army of hope, a better brigade
tearing the mask off of everyone's face
closing the door on a death worse than fate
waging a war on wasting away
making a change...
the sun will stay and like this feeling it won't go away
I must say I've got it bad
I'm standing on a platform that most forget to value
and shouting out a message that everyone should hear
assembling an army of educated allies
we've seen optimism get a bad rap
and armed with overlooked ideals we will fight this uphill battle
I see a scene that I won't tolerate
what kind of life is constant escape?
a new point of view is all that it takes
watch us move, watch us shake
living it up and filling our plates
finding a way to quicken the pace
pushing it forward whatever's at stake
moving along to a far better place
you are the one who carries the weight

To hear the song, click HERE.

Why I Like the Song:
This song is something that I can relate to; the lyrics stood for me something that was happening in my real life when I started listening to The Active Set. And the fact that the beat behind the lyrics makes it up beat, Better Brigade made my sad gloomy mood into a happy one. So ya, again a review on the Active Set! Also stay tune for more on them because something will be posted in the next couple of weeks about the Active Set.

***Lyrics and any information can be found on the Active Set site links above.***

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