Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How do you organize books?

So recently I've been wanting to reorganize my bookshelves, and I started last night with my manga shelf. I used to organize my shelfs by just putting them in a line across. Like this:
(You also get a nice view of my music stand)

And then having a ton of bins, that I have stacked, here's my one stack of bins:
(All that Manga is moved now, and that TBR pile has diminished)

But I've recently figured out I can fit more books on a shelf if I don't do that and stack them and make intricate designs with my books. But my Question is how do you organize your books?

Do you stack them in random crates, on your bookshelf, in piles on bureaus and desks, like I do? Do you also have a large TBR pile like I do? (Because I have at least 30 books in that pile.)

Or do you have something special you do?

Help me fulfill my BIP 2010: Poll Post and answer this question. How Do you Organize your Books? And a couple more. I'm interested in seeing your answers.

See my post about the BIP 2010: Week 4 & 5 Blog Bingo Challenge, HERE.

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