Monday, October 18, 2010

Thanks to the 1st Event

So as many of you know in about a month my 1st blog anniversary is going to be taking place. Now since it is November 23rd, I thought well why don't I incorporate Thanksgiving! So I dubbed the big "event" Thanks to the 1st.

But I would like your input! The event is for you, my followers after all! I have some donations coming from authors and friends and followers alike (If you would like to help go here.). Yet I have some questions, so if you could just vote really quick here that would be awesome....

This is the cute little button that I made for it for others to put up on their blogs and stuff...
I'll give the html for it once we get closer to the event plus I want to add the dates.

Also by the way this will kind of be a celebration of 250 followers, because I'm at 238 right now, and I'm thinking I might gain 12 by the end of this event...

Oh and also at the beginning of the event I'm going to reveal a new design for the blog.... I love my new design so I can't wait to reveal it! Only one person has seen it and she isn't going to tell anyone I hope.

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