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Creative Stories: Tatyana Varenko

I'm happy to have Tatyana here at LWS today!
See my review of her book Ordeal here.

About the Author:

This time my birth as human being
Took place in 1982,
In June, when weather was appealing
And sparkling with the morning dew.

As I grew up, too shy by nature,
My friends were Pushkin, Dante, Wilde
Who wrote of love and of adventure -
I dreamt of the vampire kind.

As time went by, I took to versing
When I got hardly over ten,
And life was constantly coercing
Me to compose and use my pen.

The Foreign Languages Department
I joined in 1999
Served as a very good incitement
For my verse writing to refine.

Then the first sketches were laid out,
When I was drawing to 18,
Ordeal began to come about
To lighten up my dull routine.


Andrea: Can you sum up your book Ordeal, in a sentence.
It is a paranormal story
Where vampires take the lead
Driven by love, betrayal, worry,
Wrath, and ambitions to succeed.

Andrea: Out of all the characters in Ordeal who's your favorite to write about?
It is quite difficult a question
As writing in itself is fun,
And all of them have my affection –
It is a challenge to pick one.

Derek is great to write about
As he is funny, gallant, smart;
Luella also makes me proud
Due to her will, and mind, and heart;

Antoine and Mary are appealing
With their twisted wicked wit;
The tea guest’s charming when reveling
The hidden meanings bit by bit…

Andrea: Tell us a little about yourself. We know you’re a writer but what are your favorite things and what do you other than write.
I’m working now as a teacher
Training my students' English skills
That my department has to feature
And help acquire in the drills.

My interests depend on season,
Contingent on my whimful mood,
And I do not need any reason,
To alter them for bad or good!

I’m very easily inspired,
But am unlikely to obey
To what I do not deem required,
To what is leading me astray.

Compulsion or intimidation
Will do no good to make me yield
Unlike respect and fascination
Which have more chances to succeed.

I like my work appreciated
And all that’s beautifully done,
Things that are quite sophisticated,
And something to be kept for fun.

I can be earnest or light-minded,
Can lounge or work hard as well,
But I am always spirit-guided,
On questions I prefer to dwell.

I can be friendly or disdainful,
I can be wicked or stay good
As all experience is gainful
Offering you its own fruit.

Andrea: Do you see yourself as any of your characters, and if so which one(s)? Or did/do you model any of your characters after people in your life?
I write my characters by trying
Seeing the world through their eyes
For quite a while identifying
Myself with them, and improvise.

Yet, I must say they are created
By my imagination whims
Driven by dreams hardly related
To real people, facts or things.

Andrea: Surroundings sometimes influence authors in their writing process and books, do yours in anyway influence you?
Of course. Surroundings do matter:
I like it quiet when I write –
The cozier it is the better –
And I do love to write by night.

Nature is also very soothing:
Gathering mushrooms is a treat;
Water contributes to my musing –
I like the look and feel of it.

Andrea: Are you working on any new projects? If so can you give us a little hint, please.
I’m working on another novel
Where new skeletons emerge
From the cupboards of the story
Told in Ordeal and on its verge.

It will be more large-scale in action
And introduce the elfin breed
Describing their interaction
With the vampire kind amid.

The two most powerful races
Will meet in fateful intercourse
Unraveling deceitful laces
Woven in love, intrigues and wars.

I'm also planning on compiling
A book of poems I've composed
That I consider most beguiling
And feel like making them exposed.

Andrea: Do have anything you want to add?
Dreaming is what keeps me inspired,
My last resort in times of need,
And no enforcement is required
To make my reveries succeed.

Dreams are a refuge for reflection
With no restrictions for the thought,
A world still craving for perfection
And finding it no matter what.

Dreams are a blessing we are given
To handle life with all its due,
A means for progress to be driven,
A skill to feast on morning dew.

Thanks for your awesome unique answers Tatyana!
If you haven't already check out Tatyana's book Ordeal then you should do so now! :)

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Olga said...

Thanks for your interview, Tatyana. It was a great pleasure to read it. Love when you write in verse! Looking forward to the continuation of your novel. Good luck!

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