Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scary Movies and Halloween

So theres one movie that I now live by, but years ago I used to run out of the room crying because it scared me so bad. And no it isn't one of those really creepy movies like Chucky or something else. It was this guy...

Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas used to send me running out of the room when he sung, crying. I was forced in elementary school to watch it in music class and I just didn't understand why a skeleton was singing and kidnapping Santa. I mean shoot me I was in second or first grade. But what turned my mind around had to be in eight grade when my best friend and I just randomly started singing "Kidnap Mr. Santa Claws". I then started to watch a lot of Tim Burton Movies, like Corpse Bride and his newer directed ones Sweeney Todd and Alice in Wonderland . What really turned me around was when we performed Nightmare Before Christmas for our Marching Band field show my sophomore year. This really sparked my obsession. NOW today I own the 10 year anniversary double dvd set of The Nightmare Before Christmas, a well worn Jack Skellington Hoodie, The Nightmare Before Christmas two disc sound track, and The Nightmare Before Christmas Remake sound track CD, plus more...
So thats what scared me when I was little. Oh. And by the way, I hate scary and creepy movies. I mean I scream if sea weed touches me when I go to the ocean, how do you expect for me to see some guy get murdered on the TV or Movie Screen. Really, no?

I'm sure a lot of you have Halloween traditions, mine used to included my mom making me a costume homemade. (I was a pumpkin, winnie the pooh, a telly tubby, a purple princess, cow girl, witch, my favorite a medieval princess and more.) And my siblings and I jumping into the car to go trick-or-treating. But that ended as I got older because I live were you can't really walk to another persons house efficiently, with out wasting an hour. And we never have trick-treaters at my house. So my new tradition now is my friends and i dressing up and marching in the annual Halloween Parade, even though the last two years have gotten rained out and we freeze out butts off.

Yup thats my Halloween.... So What do you do?

Happy Halloween!

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