Thursday, September 16, 2010


Just a note, First Rate Fridays are being suspended till after football season. Between report times and the time I get home (which is like 10-11) I'm unable to make them up. And no I am not like the stereotypical teen in America who stays up till like 2 in the morning on weekends, I enjoy my sleep. If I was then I would post them. I enjoy doing them because I spend time reading posts and then mark them to add to the FRF posts. Just no one knows, that. :)

Also Saturday might or might not have an Adult Review post posted, due to my school is hosting their first Marching Band competition and being Lt. Field Major I will be running around most of the day.

(That isn't me... just a random picture I found with Google images.)

Figured I would tell you lovely followers and readers that now.

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