Sunday, August 22, 2010

Round Two Voting!

Well I just checked out Cindy's blog and guess what!!!! I made it to round two of voting for the Losing Faith Cover Remake! Thanks for all of you that voted for me! If you could go and vote for your favorite one again go HERE and you don't have to vote for mine. It just would be nice. :P

Oh and I want to explain my cover a little bit. Because I'm not sure if everyone understands there are meanings of some of the things on the cover. The candles are red and are candles that you typically see in a Church that you light (well I know my church does) and represent faith and Brie's sister Faith's death. The flowers that you see in the background are red poppies, that are typically planted to represent and remember your dead ones. While also representing death it's self. So I just wanted to tell you those things, because I'm not sure if some of you knew there was a meaning.

But PLEASE Vote! Here's the Link again: LINK

2 Loud Comments:

Paper Cut Reviewer said...

Hey! I really like your cover:) Very creative. I'm definitely voting for you:)

Blueicegal ♥ said...

your covers are gorg as always :)

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