Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So yes I'm taking a vacation! Though it really won't be a vacation because I'm competing at a National competition for one of my school clubs.  But I  will be away from home, and laptop. :(

But I will have my nook! Which has WiFi Connection if I can find one, but its a chance the hotel will have it so :). Since I will be in Tennessee, and at a location I've never been to before I don't know what to expect... 

If you know were there is guess. :) Because I'm not telling you.

I'm leaving at 6 tomorrow morning for the airport. So au revoir to you my followers and blog for a short time. I'll be back Sunday night, but I probably won't get back to blogging till Monday Night or Tuesday.

I also have a few posts scheduled, so yes I will still be blogging.

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