Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm Back!!!! (Insert Creepy Voice)

The title is just weird, but I'm just happy right now. Like really! I'm back to the blogging world and all of my activities at HOME! The word sounds so great!

I was in Nashville, TN for 5 days for the national conference of FBLA. If you know what that is then you do, if you don't then guess. I was allowed to experience this conference for a second time, and with 8,000 other FBLA advisors and students there it was amazing!

Nashville was cool. I liked it, and it turned out are guest speaker for the conference produces Taylor Swift (the only country singer I can stand now a days), Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (two musicians I was raised listening too). Being raised on country music, I appreciated Nashville. But when we went to the Hard Rock well that made me happy, especially since we were allowed to vote for the next song to play on the radio. :)

But yes I am back! Back to reviewing, writing, playing clarinet, and reading of coarse. Now if I could only get started on my summer reading I would be golden! Oh and having my nook traveling was so great, I didn't have to lug the 5 books that I used to around with me! :) And saved room.

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Ky said...

Future Business Leaders of America *cough* nerd *cough* :P

Lmao you should check out my "I'm back!" post. I guarantee my pic is creepier than yours :P

nymfaux said...

& Phi Beta Lambda!!! we didn't have a chapter at our college, but both my freshman college roommate and I were former FBLA chapter Presidents--And to tell you how super *nerdy* I was, I placed 6th in the WI state Who's Who of FBLA that year!

I'm sooooo jealous, I LOVED those conferences!!!!!

Mg (LWS) said...

Ky shut it your a band nerd and art nerd. I'm just a band, art and FBLA nerd. :P And that picture is creppy.

Jill, omg! :) I don't even know if I'm going to enter in Who's Who or what. Nerds are awesome anyway.

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