Monday, May 3, 2010

Madness Manga Mondays (10)

Madness Manga Mondays is hosted here at LWS.

This week's MMM is...
Dramacon Volume OneBSvetlana Chmakova

Things just keep getting hotter for Christie as she faces up against her first ever fan convention. She's got a boyfriend, but suddenly she's not sure if he's really the one for her, and the events of the con keep throwing her in Matt's path. Matt's somewhat of a mystery, too. He's always got those wacky sunglasses on, and he can't seem to decide if he wants to be nice to Christie or just be a sarcastic jerk. Throw in an encounter with Lida Zeff, manga-ka extraordinaire, and Christie's dealing with one surprise after another. Of course, convention weekends tend to end all too quickly, and what will happen when suddenly distance is added to all of the factors keeping Christie and Matt apart?

Svetlana was born and raised Russian, and came to Canada at the tender age of 16. She finished high school here, then graduated Sheridan College with a three-year Classical Animation Diploma and is currently a freelance artist, as well as a fledgling North-American equivalent of a manga-ka. She has been in a love-hate relationship with comics and manga for several years now because she is too weak to break it off.Svetlana has drawn for how-to-draw-manga books, RPG manuals, toy designs, animation, book covers and a bunch of online comics. She is an accomplished flake and has no attention span which makes writing coherent bios quite a challenge. Hobbies include: sleeping and reading more comics than is healthy for her wallet. Also, sometimes, eating.

Dramacon, first off was a manga I read a while ago online via, because they occasionally put books up there for a couple of days in celebration, at at the time (maybe 2 years ago) Dramacon was one of them. I read it, and really  enjoyed the series, but didn't actually get a paperback copy till this past Christmas. And then I reread the series and saw why I really liked it. Dramacon Volume One takes place at an anime convention or comic-con, and  a lot of drama happens to the main character Chrisite there (so hence the title is called Dramacon). Chrsitie a young inspiring artists is trying to promote a manga her and her boyfriend made together. Chrisite doing the writing and Derek doing the artwork. Yet, something happens, and young love must separate a time or too in most romances. And the fact that Chrisite finds the real jerk in Derek, helps her realize something or someone, the sun glassed Matt.

Svetlana's series Dramacon is really a short and fast manga series, it's only three volumes and has some accelerating and action packed scenes, but also some romance. I love the writing and the drawing style that she uses, and the fact that its easy and clean to understand makes the series all the better. So check it out!


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