Friday, May 7, 2010

First Rate Friday (3)

First Rate Friday comes from He Followed Me Home.
As a reminder some of these posts are as old as two weeks ago to an hour ago, it depends on when they were posted.

So this time I'm also going to talk about the posts if I want to, some I might do a post on later...
  • Star @ Star Shadow Book Reviews, is starting a book blogging buddies program. I signed up and I hope you do to. Even though I might not be able to ship some books to my buddy I hope a can give him or her some tips, advice, talking about blogging issues, etc. So sign up maybe we'll be paired up!
  • Melissa @ Spellbound Books is hosting a project called Once Upon a Time... It's a writing contest, you have to write a 500-1,000 word short story. The stories are due in 3 weeks to her. I'm still debating if I should enter, all my story Ideas are way more than 1,000 words.
  • April @ Good Books and Wine wrote a post on Rocking the Library Book Sale, I found it really interesting, especially since I found a library book sale near me through the site she recommended. Maybe I'll go I'm still debating, since I already have enough TBR books. And the fact that I don't have many libraries near me makes this possibility more enticing.
  • Jennifer @ Reading With Tequila has had a lot of interesting posts in the last week here's the links:
  • Kristi @ The Story Siren posted on the difference of a Meme and a Feature a while ago, and since this meme is every two weeks it missed the last one. I'm definently going to change what my sidebar says now, because of it. I was always confused between the two and this let me see the light.
  • Lori @ Pure Imagination has another post on New Blogger Tips, numero 2. There's somethings on there I never have done and hope you don't think I've done. The post is about gaining followers so I suggest you head over there and look at it.
  • Amelia @ Imagination in Focus posted awhile ago on her reading rules. I'm thinking, about doing a post similar to it, maybe. Because I have some rules, that I do.
So check out those posts! And if you know of any good ones link'em below.

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Yesenia said...

Great post and helped me out a lot to find some interesting stuff. I've now signed up for the book buddy program :)

Your blog was honored @Silly Little Game Called Life :)

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