Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why I was Away....

Okay so this week was very hectic. First off my grandfather went into the hospital then came out, and the same day my great uncle died. Then, it was an important part in a girls life when she gets to have the freedom to drive by herself put into her hand. And then My Research Paper Rough draft was due. And I also had my Concert and All-Day Rehearsal. This week wasn't as bad as the beginning of the March. But I still had no time to blog for some reason, unlike the beginning of March where I was posting a lot. Oh, add on remaking a blog and getting a hair cut yesterday. Means me being busy as a runner preparing for the 200 hurdle.

But on to what took me all day yesterday to do. I remade my friend Almas' or Aly's blog, called Fantasy 4 Eva. I worked on it on Thursday and all yesterday (Friday), plus alittle this morning to get a result, the my friend Aly loves. So please check it out. She's trying to be a good blogger and connect with people, and she's been around as long as me and LWS have existed. So please go check out Fantasy 4 Eva!

Other than that, I'm going to try and do a couple things today to make up the lack of posting I've done this week. And I'm also going to do a March in review. So look out for them later today, since my laptop is dying right now and I need to go get my charger. Sorry in advance for a profuse amount of blogging.

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blueicegal said...

Thanks Andrea for just being so great and supportive, and im glad hes getting better and sorry for your loss, stay strong girl, love ya x :)

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