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Love on Cue by Catherine Hapka (Review)

Maggie Tannery is a true theater girl and a total shoo-in for the lead in this year's school production of Romeo and Juliet. She's seriously psyched because it looks like her crush Daniel, might be playing her Romeo both on- and offstage- if all goes as planned. But when her school decides to perform a musical instead, Maggie catches a major case of stage fright- because she can't sing! With her lead role in jeopardy, as well as her chance of winning her leading man, Maggie turns to the musically talented Nico to give her voice lessons. But their voices aren't the only things that seem to be harmonizing. As Maggie tries to break a leg- and not her heart- she wonders who the music man of her dreams really is...
Love on Cue (Romantic Comedies Series) by Catherine Hapka: Book CoverMY REVIEW:
Love on Cue by Catherine Hapka defiantly lives up to the motto for the series (see below). At first it was a little hard to get through, and I just wasn't in the mood to read it, but after setting it aside for Hex Hall, I found it interesting. Being an owner of almost all the Romantic Comedies series books, I know what I'm in for when I read them. Which is structured romance novels, that run about the same, but keep your interest.

Maggie Tannery the main character is a theater girl, like many of my friends. And  I could relate to her, a bit. She was an interesting girl who loved the stage, but had a problem singing. And thats when Nico came in (I'm like the girl version of him in the theater world), he taught her to calm down and to sing. Nico was one of the interesting characters that was a punk rock and a tech theater geek, making the story interesting. Other characters I liked reading about were Maggie's best friend Calla and Derek, Maggie's dream jock hunk.

Love on Cue in my honest opinion, was a little dull in the beginning, but once you got into the story more it became more interesting. Catherine Hapka has a neat writing style, that at times can be good and at others dull. But I don't mind that. If you want a quick easy read I suggest you pick this book up, or one of the other Romantic Comedies books in the series.

(From Simon & Schuster)
The Romantic Comedies series is fun, sweet stories plus a list of talented authors equals a teen series that proves just how crazy love can be.

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Catherine Hapka has written more than one hundred books for children and adults, as a ghostwriter for series as well as original titles, including the Romantic Comedies Something Borrowed, The Twelve Date of Christmasand Love on Cue. She lives in Pennsylvania.

*Also her new book At First Sight Comes out April 6th, her 4th book in the Romantic Comedies Series.*


**This was read for the Romance Challenge**

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