Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lovely Weekend....

So this weekend in summary was productive but not productive. I need to study for the SAT's and didn't get a chance to yet, I'm going to do it after I finish this post but what I'm planning on doing this week is studying instead of blogging. And like the many that are taking short breaks to study for APs I will be refreshing my memory and testing my knowledge this coming Saturday. So for the rest of the week, I will be reading books (something they tell you to do in the review book), doing homework, and using this book below to review for the massive test.
This will be my second time testing so I'm hoping for a better score than the first, even though the first wasn't bad. So for everyone I will be on a small break from blogging this week, I might get a post or two together at school like I usually do but other than that I will not be doing nothing fun except for using these pencils up till Saturday at 1:00pm.

So wish me luck! Please!

This post conventionality also works as the Personal Post for the BIP:Week 4 & 5 Challenge, see it HERE.  

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