Sunday, April 25, 2010

How do you organize books? RESULTS

Alright for the small amount of responses I figured I would show you what the graphs turned out to look like and what everyone said. All of these answers were in response to my BIP:2010 Poll Post. So onto the data...

For the Question How do you Organize Your Bookshelves? here are the responses (Some check more than one):

  • By Genre- 2
  • By the Order I Read Them- 1
  • Separating them into TBR, Favorites, Read Books or Author- 2
  • Alphabetically By Author- 1

The Next Question was: What way do you place them on the shelf, floor, bin, etc.?
There were only two answers possible and many do both or just one:

  • Shelfed- 4
  • Stacked- 3
The Last Question was: How do you store your books?
Again some check more than on answer:
  • Bookshelf- 5
  • Bins- 2
  • Small Stand-1
  • E-reader- 1

So that's the answers? Personally I stack & Shelf, plus use bins (or crates) and my bookshelf. What do you do?

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