Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ex-Games by Jennifer Echols (Review)


Hayden and Nick used to be a hot item, but their brief affair ended with a highly publicized break-up. Now the two are "just friends," excluding the occasional flirtation. When Hayden wins the girls' division of a local snowboarding competition, Nick is unimpressed, claiming that Hayden wouldn't have a chance against a guy. Hayden calls Nick's bluff and challenges him to a head-to-head boarding contest. Their mutual friends quickly take side, the girls on Hayden's and the boys on Nick's, making for an all-out battle of the sexes. This friendly competition is bound to get heated- and if they're not careful, they might end up igniting some old flames.


 Most of you know a.) I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Echols and b) I'm a huge fan of the Romantic Comedies series that Simon Pulse p
ublishes. Well if you didn't know you do. I have loved the Romantic Comedies series ever since I picked up on of the starting books when I was in middle school. And then of coarse I picked up Major Crush a book in the series, the first on that Ms. Echols wrote, and I was hooked on her writing.

Right out I finished Ex-Games in 3 hours (snow days love them...), probably the fastest I've finished a book all year and in awhile. Ex-Games is a book that you should read when there is 1 foot of snow on the ground like I had, so you can appreciate the sport of snowboarding. I loved the main character Hayden I was able to relate to her so much. She had her quirky sides, and I loved that about her. Then there was Nick, the guy Hayden dated for month and then broke off the relationship. There was more behind his character than you first think, and instead of being a jerk he's actually not that bad of a guy. But when the battle of sexes start, I had to root for Hayden one hundred percent, because well girls have to root for girls, especially if it is a snowboarding competition and I've never stepped on a snowboard in my life.

This book was amazing. I loved it like I love the whole series. Jennifer Echols has another hit on her writing career here. And I'm encouraging all of my readers to go check it out. Especially when you are looking for a quick fast and "cold" read.


Jennifer Echols  is a former newspaper editor, college writing teacher, and PhD candidate in English. She has written for numerous literary and professional publication and won the Whatley Award for the year's best essay in the Journal of P
opular Culture. Raised in a small town in Alabama, Jennifer currently lives with husband and son in Birmingham, where she works as a freelance editor for scientific publications. Might I also add to the list she takes alot of her life experiences into her books, especially with Major Crush where she likeVirigina was the first female drum major at her school (yayaya!)


*** This book was read for the Romance Challenge & Read Your Name Challenge***

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