Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update & A Challenge I Found

So yes, I'm procrastinating estudier moi francis pour moi exam. And reading through a lot of blog posts I have bookmarked on moi google reader (like 60 something from the last month....). But as you can see I didn't get a chance to post my review on Fire yet (half way finished maybe I'll work on that now...).

Anyway a month into the new year I've decided to do some challenges. One I'm going to do is Read Your Name Challenge, where I will be spelling out my real name Andrea. Pretty simple.

In other news I have to do a research paper on a classical novel, and that novel will be *drumroll* Jane Erye by Charlotte Brontë, yaya me! I have a two weeks to read this, so YA books are going to be put down soon (after I'm finished reading O, JULIET).

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