Monday, January 25, 2010

More Challenges

So I'm taking a break from Studying for French Midterms again... and have once again decided to join some more contests. So *drum roll*.... I'm going to take part in the Fantasy Reading Challenge hosted by Royal Reviews and the Romance Challenge hosted by Royal Reviews also. For the Fantasy Reading Challenge I will be joining in at the Fascinated Level of the 4 Level challenge, meaning that I will read 6 fantasy books. Which shouldn't be too hard for me :). The Romance Challenge I will be entering at the Addicted level, meaning I will read 12 books (hopeful I will be able to complete this). So yay Challenges, lets see how it goes at the end of the year. 

Following this I will post the listing posts so I'm sorry I'm going to be piling up your google readers or other subscriber type things....

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