Saturday, December 19, 2009

Must Love Black by Kelly McClymer (Review)

Money and a summer free from the newly married lovebirds (otherwise known as Dad and stepmother Krystal) are two reasons for responding to the ad that reads: "NANNY FOR 10-YR-OLD TWINS. MAINE COAST. OWN ROOM AND GENEROUS SALARY...MUST LOVE BLACK." Philippa does love black; in fact, she wears so much of it that people might think she's "goth," although she's not. It is just that she likes to be prepared. "Black covers everything from prom night to the end of the world." At Chrysalis, an exclusive spa set on fog shrouded cliffs high above the sea, Philippa meets the twins. They are far from the spoiled rich brats she expected. Rienne and Triste are smart, studious and serious—so much so that one of the mandatory activities in their daily schedule is not-to be-skipped-under-any-circumstances fun! And that, at times, seems to be the most difficult challenge of all. That and hiding her feelings for Geoff, the hottie gardener, who seems to be taken by perky pretty-in-pink Laurie. This thoroughly engaging teenage "gothic" novel will keep girls turning the pages to find out who ultimately wins the heart of that gorgeous gardener. ~Reviewer: Anita Barnes Lowen

Must Love Black was a really clever witty book. That I found personally a really easy read, I finished it in two days (during school which never happens!). I love Philippa's attitude and the fact that she claims she isn't goth because black is functional (aka something I will for now ever say when people ask why I love wearing black (and p.s. it's because I just think I look better in it and it keeps me warmer)). And hence she takes the job as a nanny for the gothic twins, Rienne and Triste at Chrysalis hotel/resort/spa. There is one quote from this book that will ever stay with me: "I don't need a guy. Guys make everything complicated. I like simple." For that is my new moto. But right after Pippa says this she regrets it as she meets Geoff the already taken gardener/driver.

As the story progresses we see Pippa has three problems in her life: coping with her mother's death and her new step mother's frilly and happiness, getting the girls to have fun, and in the end how to win Geoff. These all make for an interesting story. However some might not like this novel just because the predictability of some parts. Yet, I really liked this book. Having read Kelly McClymer's Getting to the Third Date I have learned that she is a really great romance writer. And in the end I give this novel a 2 on the music note caliber, just because the fact that some parts are predictable and the fact that some might not like the story line.


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