Monday, December 28, 2009

Madness Manga Mondays (1)

So this is a meme that I have created and will be hosted here. I needed a way to express my crazyness in reading manga so, I came up with Madness Manga Mondays (MMM).

Mugen Spiral Series Volumes 1and 2
By Mizuho Kusanagi
Mugen Spiral Volume 1
Number of Volumes in Series: 2
Publisher: Tokyopop
Yayoi--the 78th Head of Household of the Suzuka Clan--is a mystic with a tremendous power over the spirits. Of course, along with great power comes those with the desire to steal it! Enter Ura, who wants to become the King of the Demons. He comes to the human world to challenge Yayoi, but ends up stripped of his powers--and is sealed away as a black cat instead! Although Ura is still hell-bent on "eating" Yayoi's power, the unlikely pair find themselves caught up in an adventure they never imagined!
Ura~ The mean-tempered (but hot) Demon who is determined to gain back his glory as Demon Lord, until he is summoned by Yayoi...and trapped in the body of an adorable little kitten.
Yayoi~ The main heroine who is addluent in poltergeist and summoning rituals. She has a no-nonsense attitude a powers that can kick butt. She falls, inevitably, for Ura (whom she trapped in the body of a cat).

Mugen Spiral is clever and witty with a hint of romance in the mix (that comes more into play during volume 2).   Mizuho Kusanagi when she made this put together some really interesting characters. Not just Yayoi or Ura, but Ouga, Hakuyoh and the rest of the demons that come over and attack are hilarious but serious at the same time. In the second volume I couldn't help but laugh at one of the demons as Ura in his human form (no powers at all) started beating up the demon. It was hilarious, but of coarse I don't want to give too much away... :) But yes Mugen Spiral clearly deserves more fans that I believe it has, its really a creative piece, and the drawings are sometimes a little vage but in the end they get the point across. I also have Mizuho's newest series NG Life which I will soon start reviewing. But in the end I wished there was another book in this series, it just seemed like there was so many cliff hangers that in the end didn't seem fit for the way it ended.

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