Sunday, December 26, 2010

School Books Sundays (5)

School Books Sundays is a way I spotlight books I read for school.
This weeks feature is...
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Age Warning: Its an Advanced Read
Genre: Historical Romance
Provided By: Me
My Review:
Compared to the recent movie (the one with Keira Knightly, the one I love to watch over and over). The movie has nothing on the book, especially since it's missing certain people (like Darcy's cousin). But I love the characters in Pride and Prejudice and even though I read it for school, I enjoyed reading this much loved classic. And I especially loved reading about Darcy and Elizabeth's relationship and Elizabeth's sisters too. Plus in some ways I can connect with Elizabeth, and can see her as me in some ways. But in the end I wish Austen had written a sequel to Pride and Prejudice. Just so we would know what happened to the rest of the sisters and to Elizabeth and Darcy's relationship after Pride and Prejudice ended.

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