Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanks to the 1st: Thanks to Blogging

So now it's my turn! To tell you why I'm thankful for blogging!

So when I asked myself why I'm thankful for blogging somethings come to my mine. Like the connections, my friends, the books, my inspiration and the writing. But each and everyone of them are special in their own way to me. So I'm go to write somethings about each of them.

So first off my connections. Connections you might be asking what I mean by that? I mean the people I've met the publishers, authors and other bloggers I've talked to. I'm so grateful for all of these people, I mean I've met some great people through the blogging community. And many of them I follow and talk to on a daily or weekly basis. Plus I probably won't have heard about half the books that are on my wish list right now if it were for them!

Next, my friends! With out blogging I wouldn't have been able to keep in touch with some of my friends from the Barnes and Noble Teen Reads Room, which I kinda stopped talking on awhile ago. But they know who they are: Kyleigh, Almas and always the funny Mike. I know I can rely on Kyleigh if I need help with art stuff or reading or college things. Or Almas aka Aly if I need some support on personal issues. And Mike is always funny to talk to, he just makes me laugh. But most importantly I won't have been able to meet some other great people that I consider friends like Alex and Steph, with out blogging! Both of them are amazing and their always there when I need help! Yet, I'm leaving one person out. If she hadn't asked for help with her blogs design back in February or when ever it was, I don't think I would have ever met such a great person. I'm talking about Leilani, she's one of my few friends that I talk to daily even if I don't see her face to face, we chat through email, texts and more. I think I talk to her more than my best friends sometimes. So without blogging I wouldn't have met these great people. So thank you blogging!

I suppose I should also say I'm thankful for blogging because of the books. I guess if I want to be stuck up right now I'm thankful for the giveaway books and signed books that I've been able to receive. But despite that I'm thankful for all the authors I've been able to talk too. Especially all the indie authors, I would have never found out about some of these great indie books if I had not been asked to review them or saw them listed on other blogs. And something that blogging has let me do! Is talk to some of my favorite authors, see before blogging I didn't even know there were online chats with authors! I was so naive about that. And I never ever had a signed book. Living where no authors come doesn't really work out well, especially for me. So thanks to blogging I've experienced all of this! Thank you blogging!

So my inspiration and writing are about the same thing. Blogging has encouraged me to start my own business (still in the works) and to start and finish writing my novel-to-be. So blogging has been beneficial in those aspects too!

Oh one last thing, without blogging I wouldn't have gotten my Nook! So yes thats also something to be thankful for.

So thank you blogging, for all the great things! I love blogging and hope to be doing it for many many more years!

So why are you thankful for blogging?

Stay tune for my giveaway later!

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Blueicegal ♥ said...

Awwww Andrea what a lovely post, i know we haven't had a good chat in a while but it's nice to know that you are just a message or a email away, your the best, we adore you girl!

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Awww Andrea! We love you too <3 Lol I guess I'm also thankful for what blogging has done. The awesomeness and the people I've met and opportunities it has given me =D

The Happy Booker said...

Being able to talk to the authors is a big deal for me as well. My hubby still teases me sometimes about the first time I chatted with one of my favorite authors, I was so excited! He said that I acted like I was talking to a "rock star" But for me, its exactly like that. I would choose a beloved author to chat with over a movie or music star any day!
I am thankful for blogging as well. For the amazing books I've received of course. But also for making me take more time in writing my reviews, paying more attention to details I wouldn't have noticed in the past. Not to mention this huge community of book lovers who understand my obsession with books and reading!
Great post, thanks for sharing that with us!

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