Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanks to the 1st: Sweet Potatoes

Today I would like to welcome Tina Ferraro as the first Thank to the 1st Author! Take it away Tina!

Sweet Potatoes: Yuck to Yum
Thanks to Andrea for inviting me to write a guest post today, and a big Happy Birthday to her blog! 

Since it is November, my thoughts are circling around Thanksgiving, and all the super-yummy food that is going to be on our table. It's my favorite holiday, probably because turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and sweet potatoes are among my very favorite things. But that last item--sweet potatoes--was not always on that list. Allow me to explain...

My father was the parent in my family who taught me about loving food. He really enjoyed eating--and still does--and had no problem defying the conventions of his generation by doing the grocery shopping, cooking and clean-up. There was only one thing he wouldn't eat. Yep, sweet potatoes. Each Thanksgiving, whether we were in our home or in another, he would simply pass the bowl on, usually giving me a knowing look, which I gratefully took as a warning. Once or twice I think I took a tiny taste, but I was convinced a whole mouthful would make me gag.

Then I met my husband. Who is also very comfortable in a kitchen--in fact, is a gourmet cook. It turned out that he not only liked sweet potatoes, but loved them, and knew incredible ways to serve them. Which I tried. Only to discover that they were wonderful. And that I never actually hated sweet potatoes. I'd just never really tried them.

My father, to this day, continues to pass the bowl on, which tells me that he truly dislikes the taste--the way I feel about asparagus. But sorry, Pop, but candied sweet potatoes with walnuts and lots of butter? Pass that bowl back my way!

So how about you? Is there a Thanksgiving table food--or any food--that has gone from yuck to yum for you? Tell us about it in the form below and be entered to win an autographed copy of Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress!

About Tina: (randomhouse.com)
Tina Ferraro believes in the adage that it is never too late to have a happy childhood. She, in fact, had a very happy one, living in Westchester County, New York, with her parents, her brother, and several cats. She was an avid bookworm, earned a shelf full of medals for competitive swimming, and would sometimes play Barbies for days on end...All these years later, as a wife of two decades and a mother of three teens, she is giving herself that happy teenage experience by writing stories about girls who not only dream big–but make their dreams come true.

Tina started writing at the age of seven, and sold her first short story following college. Over the next several years, while working as an office manager at a university... During those same years, she met and married a graduate student whose allure included gourmet cooking and the fact he understood geometry–two disciplines she has still yet to grasp. With three babies arriving in five years, it seemed a great time for Tina to stay home and “get serious” about the full-length books she wanted to write...Some of Tina’s favorite things include reading, drinking lattes, hanging with her family, watching the TV show Lost, and chatting with her readers through her Web site,www.tinaferraro.com.

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Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom DressThanks to Tina we have our first giveaway! She has kindly offered up one signed copy of Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress to one lucky winner. Just follow the rules below.

See my Review HERE.

The Rules:
Sorry but this Giveaway is ONLY open to USA/Canada. 

To enter, use the form below, and answer Tina's question if you'd like:
Is there a Thanksgiving table food--or any food--that has gone from yuck to yum for you? 

The giveaway will end: December 5th at Noon (EST).
See my Giveaway and Privacy Policies HERE.
AND Don't forget if you want extra points fill out the extra point form: HERE.


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