Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tunes Thursdays (8)

Okay I've been lacking on Tunes Thursdays, seriously I haven't done one since April? But anyway that is the newer updated header thing. And Tunes Thursdays are met for me to show you new music that I'm loving.
Let The Games Begin Cover Art
Song:Let the Games Begin
CD Name:Let the Games Begin
Band:The Active Set

Band Members:
Matthew Stolarz- Bass & Vocals
Wayne Russell- Guitar
Francis Ramsden- Guitar & Keys
Michael Castro- Drums (Kettle)

About the Band:
(From their Facebook Page)
With a healthy nod to '80s post-punk and rock, the Active Set offer a high-energy dose of indie, intelligent and upbeat. We love quirky, driven melodies with smart hooks. Then we like to change our minds, and change it up.



I walked through the town, it seemed unreal to me
I stopped every person that I encountered and asked what they thought
they all just ignored me and walked on by

I feel everyone should be more connected
but at the same time I'm sad to say I turn away near as much as they do
what will bring about a change of heart?

in a style all my own I'll open up and let the games begin
looking back we can boast about the scene we've made
with a never-ending smile

evening came, I thought of a plan and tried it out
I dug up a purpose that everybody shared
I tried to refine it, polish it up, make a good presentation
I took a breath and shouted

everybody started to gather, saw the motion of the crowd
and though everyone was nervous, they acted civil, stuck around
very soon they started talking, dropped their guard and opened up
I stood excited, looking on, my plan to get things going working
I was pleasantly surprised

I'm glad to say we've changed our ways and sparked a revolution
where we can look each other in the eyes.

Why I Like this Song:
Theres one thing I like about The Active Set their lyrics are straight forward, you get what their meaning to tell their audience. In Let the Games begin, I got that straight away. Their music usually has some sort of meaning, and this one defiantly does. For me its to stop being superficial and be your own person, so that the games of life start. I'm not sure if thats what  Matthew though about while writing this song but that's what it's to me. Let the Games Begin is one of my new favorites by The Active Set, a band that not many know about yet.

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