Friday, July 2, 2010

100 Followers Winners

So It is time to announce the winners of My 100 Followers Contest!!!!!
Thanks to everyone that entered in total there were 204 entries into the contest for the Book Portion. And for the Design portion 103 entries were in totally. In total 27 people entered so thank you!

In follower LWS gained 82 to count. So Thanks to all of you that are now following!

So now on the the WINNERS!
They are/were drawn through The number generator is starting off on 2 because Google Forms/Spreadsheets start counting at 2 instead of one.

First are the Book Portion winners:
1st Drawn:
#61 Elizabeth from Paranormal Romance Fanatic

2nd Drawn:
#139 Star from Star Shadow

3rd Drawn:
I will email you all, Elizabeth has first dibs than Star, and Katelyn gets stuck with the left overs. Please remember to response to my email within 72 hours or I'll have to pick another winner.

Now the Design Portion winners are:
1st Drawn:
#27 Cynthial11 from A Blog About Nothing

2nd Drawn:
#38 Etana from Fiction Fixation

3rd Drawn:
#15 Ky from Can't Find A Bookmark
Cynthial11 will get the first choice out of the 3 design packs, and then Etana gets the next one out of 2  packages and Ky gets the last one. Again remember to respond within 72 hours.

THANKS to all the entered I'm thrilled that my first "offical" contest went off so well.

AND A BIG thanks to Steph at Papercut Reviews for supplying the books. Please check out her blog and follow!

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Ky said...

Thanks Andrea! ^.^

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