Thursday, June 3, 2010

News @ LWS (2)

Well I'm trying to start doing reviews more than once a week, I'm getting behind, so look forward for somemore reviews. Also please if you want to be interviewed for my feature Creative Stories check out this post here. I would love to feature your blog here at LWS.

My Life
Finals equal my life in the next couple of weeks. I have less than 3 weeks left of school so once that's done, I'll be posting reviews much more frequently. And other things too will get posted on time. So please stay tune, if I disappear its either because of finals or because my internet is going wacky (that's the case for these past two days).

Okay so Leilani is holding her 100 Followers & Birthday Bash contest! I'm donating One Header and Blog Button package, and Lei has a ton more awesome prizes up for dibs! So go and make a post about it too and you can enter here.

Aly started a new meme called Put a Ribbon on It, it's almost exactly like this here, except she goes into more detail and its a different name. :P She also started a new blog called I Have a Dream... And Aly is also working on a story.


Ky got another snow-cone, so her new snow-cone boy was Kylar Stone from Brent Week's Night Angel Trilogy by Maria V. Snyder. See him hereShe also recently won an art contest with her lovely remake of the cover for Read Aloud Nebraska, I really love it so check it out!

Steph and several other awesome bloggers are starting to compile a list of books that are being released monthly, check out June's here. She also participated in arm chair BEA so stop by the blog and see her many posts.

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Ky said...

Lol. Thanx Andrea! ^.^ God I actually really hate that cover. :/ How did I win again? Lolz. And hey! Where is my prize money?! O.O

Blueicegal ♥ said...

hahah! kay :D and thanks for the shout out Andrea :)

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