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Creative Stories: Tera Lynn Childs (& Giveaways)

Today I welcome Tera Lynn Childs to Loud Words and Sounds!
About Tera Lynn Childs

Tera Lynn Childs
Tera Lynn Childs is a wannabe goddess and the award winning author of Oh. My. Gods. and Goddess Boot Camp and the upcoming mermaid tail, Forgive My Fins. Tera lives nowhere in particular, but has spent time fleeing hurricanes, blogging with the Buzz Girls and the Fivers, and writing wherever she can find a comfy chair and a steady stream of caffeinated beverages.

Forgive My FinsAndrea:Can you sum up Forgive My Fins, your new book, in a sentence.
Tera: Half-mermaid princess Lily Sanderson goes to high school on the mainland and accidentally bestows her magical first kiss on the wrong boy.

Andrea:Recently you've been going on tour for Forgive My Fins. Out of all the cities, which one did you enjoy visiting the most? And how do the chucks look now?
Tera:Oh, that wasn't a book tour, just a big adventure I'd been waiting a long time to take! To chose a favorite city, though, that's tough. Obviously I loved Seattle, since I'm planning on moving there, but if I could afford it I think I would move to San Francisco. It has a really great vibe and, at least when I was there, the weather was great. The Chucks are pretty well broken in, but they're not looking shabby yet. I'll have to keep working on that.
Andrea: Do you see yourself as any of you characters, and if so which one(s)?
Tera: Well, I definitely identify very strongly with Phoebe. I was an athlete in high school and was pretty much otherwise average (except I got better grades than her). Probably the character that is the greatest reflection of me is one you haven't met yet. Her name is Grace and she's in my upcoming, untitled trilogy. (See more details in question 5.) She is smart, shy, environmentally responsible, crushes on guys easily, loves her parents, and is always certain there is something bigger and better down the road. That's definitely all me.
Goddess Boot Camp
Andrea: Surroundings sometimes influence authors in their writing process and books, do yours in anyway influence you?
Tera: If you mean the places where I write, then absolutely. I have to get out of the house to write, because there are too many distractions, so I usually end up at the nearest coffee shop. The vibe of that spot definitely affects my writing mood. But usually I can counteract any bad service or annoying customers by jacking up the volume on my iPod.

Oh. My. Gods. (Paperback)Andrea: Are you working on any new projects? If so can you give us a little hint, please.
Tera: Next up after Forgive My Fins is the sequel, Fins Are Forever, which will come out next summer. I can't give away too much about that, because there would be spoilers. Then I'm starting a new trilogy and the first book will be out in Fall 2011. It's about triplet descendants of Medusa (Grace, Gretchen and Greer) who learn it's their destiny to guard the door between the world of monsters and the world of man. They were separated at birth, but they won't be for much longer....

Tera Lynn ChildsAndrea: Do have anything you want to say?
Tera: Ugh, I'm never good at this kind of question. Um... visit my website ( and sign up for my newsletter to get all the latest and greatest.

Thanks so much for interviewing here at 
Loud Words & Sounds Tera!

Tera has also graciously offered up a copy of Oh. My. Gods. for one of you to win. So fill out the form below and you might be the winner.

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That is so weird! I just saw your upcoming book on Goodreads and I thought it sounded fantastic! What a coincidence. ^.^

Great interview! I'm very excited to read Forgive My Fins!

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Yea!!! Great interview!!! Go Splashers!!!

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I'm looking forward to reading your stories Ms. Child. They sound very cool! :)

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great interview looking forward to reading forgive my fins!

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