Thursday, May 27, 2010

News @ LWS (1)

Okay I'm tired of doing random posts about random stuff, and wasting post numbers so I'm starting a thing called News @ LWS. It's going to involve stuff that's happening here, in my life or at my affiliates blogs. It will probably popup once a week maybe? Not sure.

Well my first giveaway Titus and Atreus is coming to an end next Tuesday so don't wait till the last minute to enter!

And don't forget to check out my 100 followers Design and Book Contest!

I'm so joyed that I now have 111 followers! Just thought I'd mention that.

My Life
Recently I entered one of my graphic arts pieces into a teen art show. It was named "Heavenly Apple". I'm not going to put it up here, but I won 2nd place, right after my friend who is an amazing artist won 1st (she's going to art school). I received $50, I'm going to try a put it towards either books or opening the design business (sooner or later).


Aly has a new catching meme called Kiss & Tell, I'm still debating on if I have time and want to do it, but you should. 

She has also made a new blog called I Have A Dream... check it out! 

Aly's also trying to make me do a vlog what do you think?

Ky is having several awesome things happening at her blog right now.

First her The Great Scavenger Hunt Contest is ending soon (May 30th). It was really fun to do, and I haven't had a chance to mention it yet. So check it out here for the final entry form and some directions.

Ky is also starting her Sno-Cone summer Meltdown! Contest. It involves the sexiest men in written words and sn- cones! Yum. Plus some books that are being given away! See the first post about it here. And she went to the bad side a got her first sno-cone of the summer, with sexy Valek.

Leilani is having several great contests right now check them out here:
Rules of Attractions giveaway ends June 6th
Jekyll Loves Hyde giveaway ends July 4th
I'm mean they are amazing and I want Jekyll Loves Hyde really badly!!! And Lei knows it!

Steph recently reviewed Rules of  Attractions and is currently participating in Armchair BEA. So check out all the cool stuff over at Steph's blog! :)

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Leilani @Leilani Loves Books said...

haha, I no you do Andrea!

Ky said...

Lolz. Thanks for the pimpage! ^.^ And yes I definitely think you should do a vlog! I so would but alas only my laptop has a webcam and it no longer connects to the internet. Woe is me. And CONGRATS! That's so cool! Why didn't you post it?! God after you mentioned you were learning how to do flash buttons (ya? right?) I was like "God my grpahic design class and computer graphics class was such a joke. We didn't learn shit!" I need to enroll in some college classes. Screw high school. :P

Mg (LWS) said...

@Lei: Of coarse. :P

@ Ky:I'm going to work on the vlog thing. I'll email you what it looks like. Ya flash buttons are fun, and I now know how to make webpages on flash so ya my Graphic Arts class is awesome, and might i add its just and intro class. I'm planning on taking Graphic Arts II next year.

Shalena said...

Found you through the Saturday Network. Lovely blog!

Mg (LWS) said...

@ Shalena: Thanks for following! :)

Paper Cut Reviewer said...

Hi Andrea! Thanks for the shout out;) I'm gonna try to do a vlog this week explaining all the craziness happening at PCR. You should do a vlog too so that's a YES ALY I AGREE WITH YA! LOL!

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