Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Affiliate & Band News

(I moved this into a News @ LWS post tag.)

Hey everyone I have some news and such so here we go...

I would like to introduce my brand new affiliate Steph @ Paper Cut Reviews.

Steph was so kind enough to help me out with somethings, you'll see later and I felt it was only right to make her an affiliate of the blog.

In other news the Band the Active Set, which I've talked about in my Tunes Thursdays post sent me some updated information so I figured I would share it with you.

Let The Games Begin Cover Art
~The band has released a new single called Let the Games Begin and you can find it here to hear it and buy the single if you want.

~The Active Set which is centered in Los Angeles, California, will be playing at David Bash's International Pop Overthrow Fest this summer so you might want to check them out there, if your close by. The Fest takes place July 23rd to August 7th.

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Paper Cut Reviewer said...

Aww Thanks Andrea!I'm going to add you as well:)

Mg (LWS) said...

Thanks! It was the least I could do. :)

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