Monday, May 31, 2010

Madness Manga Mondays (11)

MMM is a feature here at LWS.

This weeks MMM is...
Random Walk
By Wataru Yoshizumi

Yuka is a freshman in high school, living in the apartment next door to her mystery writer father and his new wife. The one thing she learned from her father was to "fall in love as many times as you can, and become an attractive woman." Now that she is in high school, Yuka is determined to meet her one true love. One day, as she and her friend Toko were hanging out, she meets Nozomu, who happens to be the son of her father's friend. Could he be the one?
Random Walk is an interesting walk for Yuka, it about her path for true love. Yuka believes in the notion that the boy she falls for will be her husband in away. Through this 16 chapters of manga, Yuka falls in and out of love and in the end falls for someone unusual that you don't see coming for awhile, until its right in front of your eyes. Yuka is a normal teenage girl, except for the fact she lives alone, but she exemplifies the idea that teens are always in a search for love. There were so many different character in this story its hard to remember them all so a character summary is a little hard since there were several boys. I will comment how ever that each of these boys have their own qualifications to make a perfect boy for Yuka and in the end one is just someone you never see coming. This short manga held my attention the whole way through, and I really enjoy the illustrations that Wataru makes. So check Random Walk out.

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Ky said...

Omg! I LOVE the header! SO ADORABLE! Major cuteness! ^.^

Mg (LWS) said...

Its called to 80 something fonts I downloads for my final for graphic arts in use. :)

Blueicegal ♥ said...

great feature and i so agree the header is utter cuteness!

RobinRox said...

i <3 random walk, read it soooo maneeee times, but it doesnt get attnetion, u no, thnx for making it stand out again ~Robin

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