Sunday, May 2, 2010


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Okay so I would like to officially announce my first three affiliates. They are my lovely blog friends that I've had the honor of knowing or talking to for awhile now. So please check out and follow their blogs.

First, is my friend that I've known for ages, Almas at Fantasy 4 Eva. You might remember it because I designed it for her. And also she's one of the two other partners in SYM (Speak Your Mind).

Here's a little Summary About Almas' or Aly's blog & her, written by her too:
Hey there im Aly from Fantasy4eva, between loving Music, writing and of course reading books! im just your average girl, whose a Bookaholic and is proud of it! I love smexy vampires the yummy kind, but im a sucker for my tearjerkers, and romances, im big on the mortal instrument series, Damon is my hero Jace my bad boy and i am most likely one of the randomest + silliest person you shall ever meet *In a good way of course* and so i would just love to say how happy i am to be apart of this sisterhood that are my fellow affiliates!

Next, is one of my crazy best blogger friends, we talk a bit, and have obsessive conversations about random stuff, her name is Ky and she runs Can't Find A Bookmark. She's also my other partner in SYM.

Find out more about the lovely crazy Ky, and her awesome artwork and blog at Can't Find a Bookmark, but here's a little preview:
Hey guys I'm Ky from Can't Find a Bookmark! I'm so excited to be an affiliate for Andrea's blog and likewise! I'm somewhat new to the blogging community but I'm already rather obsessed with it. Blogging is definitely a perfect way for me to be express myself and my craziness. :P I love to make my favorite books known and promote new and exciting reads! I'm also an art freak so I feature some of my own artwork and other people's amazing pieces as well! Thanks again Andrea for asking me to be apart of this! :D
And third but not last! I the lovely Leilani from Leilani Loves Books. I recently introduced her to you guys, since I also redid her blog. So please check it out!

Here's something about Leilani love books and herself from Leilani!:

Names Leilani, I live in "sunny" California and hated reading up until I was 11 years old. My best friend introduced me to a book series and I fell in love with books ever since. I read all books within a few hours, im an Honor roll student and I consider myself weired.  I have a black maltipoo named Casper, its a joke people! and a boxer named Oz. I created this blog because not many people love books as much as I do over here so I wanted to express how much I like/dislike books to people that care. I love entering contests and I have boxes of books so I will occasionally have things to giveaway. I prefer my reviews to be short and sweet so thats what you will see when you read one of my reviews. Not only will you see reviews but perhaps a post about my day here and there. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I like writing them!
So everyone check'em out! I love these girls blogs and talking to them, so I bet you will to! Just click on their blog buttons that are in my little intro or the ones that will be up on the sidebar soon.

I'm not sure at the current moment if I'm going to add anymore affiliates, but at this time I think I will stick with Aly, Ky and Leilani.

If your interested please just email me at and we'll see what happens and if I want to add more bloggers as affiliates.

3 Loud Comments:

Leilani @Leilani Loves Books said...

Thats me! haha, I cant wait till we get to do stuff, whatever kind of stuff, that affiliates do!

Ky said...

Lolz. I agree with Leilani! XD Can't wait to do... well.... stuff? Affiliate stuff? Uhm... oh boy.

blueicegal said...

Me three!!! looking forward to our togetherness! lol :D

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