Monday, April 19, 2010

What I'm Going to be Doing...

(This Button is made by me, I was experimenting with my sister's tablet.)

So I've decided something, when I hit my next like major thing, which I'm deciding is hitting 85 follower, I'm going to have a Contest. If I might have books at the time I can give away then I will do so. But here's the deal I love designing stuff, so I figured I would give away a pack or two packs of custom made graphics for someones blog. Depends how I feel about it at the time and how many people join in. And what type of things you vote for when you submit your information.
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This Post Also Serves Another Purpose, It's my short post for BIP 2010 Challenge. The word count total is:135 word, Including these words. See the challenge HERE!
2010 Blog Improvement Project

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