Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tunes Thursdays (6)

Tunes Thursdays is used for me, to tell you what I'm currently listening too, and also give you a taste of music that's interesting to listen too while you read, write or are doing work. Also it helps fulfill the title of the blog! Sounds, duh.

This week's Tunes Thursdays is a special Tunes Thursdays. I was contacted by the bands Press Release/Manager and, was glad enough to try and fit in a Tunes Thursdays featuring one of their song. Especially since I have fallen in love with their sound, especially one of their older songs, Better Brigade.

Song:Sea Legs
CD Name:Sea Legs
Band:The Active Set
Band Members:
Matthew Stolarz- Bass & Vocals
Wayne Russell- Guitar & Vocals
Francis Ramsden- Guitar & Vocals
Michael Castro- Drums & Vocals

About the Band:
(From Facebook Page)
With a healthy nod to '80s post-punk and rock, the Active Set offer a high-energy dose of indie, intelligent and upbeat. We love quirky, driven melodies with smart hooks. Then we like to change our minds, and change it up.



oh the tide came crashing in making ruin of the land
t'was unexpected, the salt the sea the sand
the shoreline reeks of wreckage all the things that once had been
like everything that I've lost they won't come back again
since the dry land disappointed I set my sights upon the sea
considered it's embrace and took the opportunity
so far I'm still looking to the land, I haven't found my sea legs
and so far I haven't got a plan, I'm set adrift upon these troubled waters

To hear the song, click HERE.

Why I Like the Song:
This song gives the vibe of being at the ocean and I like it because of that fact. Also the slow drowning sound is an easy thing to listen to when you are multitasking (which I do a lot) or reading. 

***Lyrics and any information can be found on the Active Set site links above.***

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