Sunday, February 14, 2010

This Week

Okay so last week was pretty well with posting wise. I wanted to do a School Books Sunday with Jane Eyre today but I just didn't feel like it. And Evernight is taking more time than I thought for me to read due to the fact I'm in my manga mood. I get in this manga mood every so often and I takes me some time to get out of it.

Other wise I think I'm going to do what some call Weekly Wrap-Ups. Possibly. This might have to wait awhile.

But just so everyone knows I will more than likely only start posting once in a while in the next couple of weeks due to a lot of stuff. But mainly I have a lot of band, club and drama club stuff happening in the next weeks. The show were performing starts next week, and dress rehearsals start this Thursday on top of a lot of other stuff. I don't perform but I'm producing and also working spotlight when I can get to it, so it'll be fun. At least I've had a semi-week of peace. But lets hope I can still post. I've been warning you followers about my disappearing month and its about to start. Yay!

Also last week I started doing yoga. Do any of you do yoga? If you do, do you have any tips. I'm just starting and I'm kind of weak so I'm going to have to start and build up some strength.

Also Happy Valentines Day! Hope yours went well. :)
Happy Valentine's Day! by Sister72.
(I found this through a google search and thought it was cute.)

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Morgan said...

It sounds like your really busy. I love yoga but don't do that much of it (mostly only through dvds). I also think that picture's cute. And have a Happy Valentines Day!

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