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Evernight by Claudia Gray (Review)

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Bianca wants to escape. At the eerily Gothic Evernight Academy, the other students are sleek, smart, and almost predatory. Bianca knows she doesn't fit in. When she meets handsome, brooding Lucas, he warns her to be careful- even when it comes to caring about him. But the connection between them can't be denied. Bianca will risk anything to be with Lucas, but dark secrets are fated to tear them apart... and to make Bianca question everything she's ever believed.

Evernight (Evernight Academy Series #1) by Claudia Gray: Book CoverMY REVIEW:
This book has been sitting on my shelf forever, I think since middle school. Lately, due to the third book being released soon Evernight by Claudia Gray has been reviewed a lot since many bloggers are starting to read their ARC copies of the new third book in the four book series, Hourglass. My idea about this book is that its original, I like the idea behind it and the ideas for the rest of the books. I haven't really read a lot of vampire involved books in awhile because the fact that I've been "vamped" out.

When you pick up a vampire book you always start comparing it to Twilight or something else. I don't like doing that, but this book was original in away. The whole boarding school thing reminds me a bit about the Vampire Academy Series but other than that its was original. Evernight had a lot of great things in it, one was the romance. It was unique and original I liked the romance involved and can't wait to order the next book in the series Stargazer so I can find out whats happening with Bianca and Lucas.

Lucas and Bianca have a relationship that many might consider dangerous. Bianca is a vampire and Lucas the opposite a human. So its the opposite of most the vampire romances you find out there. I liked Bianca because she stands up for the stuff she believes in but also cares for the people around her. Lucas, I liked because well I will easily fall for those dark and handsome boys in the novel,  but he also cared deeply for the people around him so I found that a great personality trait.

There was one thing that I disliked about the book, the fact I didn't know she was a vampire till chapter 17 and into page 141 in the book. That bugged me a bit; but of coarse I already knew that Bianca was a vampire because of the reviews I've read. It was just annoying because the characters stayed away from the subject till then. Claudia did a great job creating a semi original idea in the middle of the large vampire crazed society of today, and really had a hit on her hands when it was released. I need to get my hands on the next book...

(This comes straight from Claudia Gray's Bio, so it's in first person.)
Claudia Gray is not my real name. I didn't choose a pseudonym because my real name is unpleasant (it isn't), because I'd always dreamed of calling myself this (I haven't) or even because I'm hiding from the remnants of that international diamond-smuggling cartel I smashed in 2003 (Interpol has taken care of them). In short, I took a pseudonym for no real reason whatsoever. Sometimes this is actually the best reason to do things.

I am a full-time novelist based in Chicago. So far, in life, I've been a disc jockey, a lawyer, a journalist and an extremely bad waitress, just to name a few. I especially like to spend time traveling, hiking, reading and listening to music. More than anything else, I enjoy writing.


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***This book was read for both the Fantasy Reading Challenge and Romance Reading Challenge***

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