Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bending. Breaking. Flexing.

So you might be asking yourself what the heck I mean by Bending. Breaking. Flexing. I mean Yoga. Yoga is something I started last week during the massive snow storm that attacked the North East, USA. I had tried doing it before, but I didn't understand it and wasn't motivated enough.

Om BookNow I have motivation!

I've been reading Evan Cooper's book Um, Like...Om: A Girl Goddess's Guide to Yoga. Its amazing and inspirational. I love this book. Seriously I feel so much better about myself now and I feel so much better (even though I'm sore, but I'm blaming that on gym class). This book includes really great tips on how to loose some weight, but also keep your mind, body and heart in shape. I really like the way its set up giving you inspiration and then moves to work on. The book has a lot of moves and then explains them simple and in a way you understand it, so it makes it fun.

So the real point in this post is for me to talk about this habit I've slowly developed over the past week and give you a glimpse into my life.

What I think yoga does for me is make me calmer and is really helping me stretch more and become flexible. Yoga is really amazing I think, any one can do it the fat, skinny, tall, short, old and young. Its beneficial for everyone, including me.

After coming home from the day of school and other stuff (which right now is drama club), I'm either extremely hyper or tired or stressed. Yoga helps me detox and awaken myself. 

So here's what I do before I go to sleep:
1. Get ready for school the next day (AKA, put all my books and other stuff away so I don't stare at it while doing yoga).
2. I lay out my yoga mat. And my books (Um like...Om and A Girl's Guide to Yoga (Which has the same stuff as the other one just with better pictures)).
3. I start doing yoga, but meditating and then move into some stretching moves and then harder.

That's about it with that part, I figured I'd share that with you.

Meditating isn't so easy as you think though. Right now I'm trying to do something called Projection Meditation which is where you think and focus on a place and smell, see (with your eyes closed), and feel, envisioning the place. I've tired to create a place in my world. 

I'll give you a little description.

It's a place filled with flower (roses) and is like one of those old gardens from like 1800s history with tall walls and vines (like the one that is in The Morning Gift by Eva Ibboston) and also a small water fountain. I always try putting myself in there so I feel it, so I dress myself to to fit the century long flowing dress with a corset bodice. I always change the season for some reason, one day it was spring the other winter, fall and summer. I don't know why probably it changes with my mood.

I should probably shut up now and just ask what I want to ask you the readers (which by the way I'm so thankful for, because then I'd feel like I was talking to myself). 

Would you give yoga a chance?
If you do yoga what's your favorite pose (and mantra)?
Any tips for a beginner would be appreciated!

(This is my yoga stuff.)

To Read and Excerpt of Evan Cooper book click here.

Now for the confession this post isn't just some random one but for the BIP 2010 Project. The idea is to come up with an interesting title that will get readers reading your posts. I think mines okay not the best but alright.
2010 Blog Improvement Project

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Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

I think this is a good title -- it got me to read the post to find out what it was about :)

I did yoga regularly a few years ago, but lost track of it recently. I still love to do the Sun Salutation Cycle in the morning when I need to stretch though.

MG (Loud Words & Sounds) said...


I've been trying to do it regularly but 10o'clock play practices can get in the way.

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