Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mes Etageres

Alright so to go along with my poll on How do you organize books? results, I figured I should show you my bookshelves and books.
First off I'm going to start with a picture of my bookshelf. (Above.)
Here I store all of my paperback tbr books on the top shelf, my manga on the first and second shelf, and my other teenage, series books types and favorites on the last two shelves. Here's a better picture (I edited the shelves for a better picture):
(You Can't really see what I wrote.)

Next is my crate or bin full of Hardback TBR Books, it sits right next to my bed, and my family members alway stub their toes on it.

I also have two storage bins under my bed that hold some books I read in middle school that I never read or have read and I don't want on my shelfs anymore.

I also have a stack of books next to my TV, it's were I keep my Sarah Dessen, Stephenie Meyer & Eva Ibboston books. But also my classics, which got placed there because I didn't have anywhere else to put them.

Next on the tour of my book filled room is my Harry Potter Books & My Desk. I keep my Harry Potter books on my desk because the series is what got me started reading in 4th grade. Their the reason for my reading obsession and something of a treasure for me. Also there is my favorite stuff animal Pal, if you read one of my awards posts I mention him, he helped me through some surgeries when I was little so I keep him there too. My desk is really weird, because it has a big whole in the middle (see were the two pieces come together under the calender? thats it). It was my grandmothers for her Singer sewing machine, my uncle made it for her when he was a teenager. She didn't need it anymore so she gave it to me! :) And I love it because I used to use a folding table as a desk.

My Vampire Book Stacks! Yes I have two stacks they sit on my bureau because I had no other place to put them. The Night World Series and the House of Night Series I still haven't gotten around to reading. I tried the HON series but I couldn't get past the 2 book so I'm going to try again reading them sooner or later.

Last but not least is my 3 Bin Stack. It holds my Romantic Comedies Series books in the two bottom bins, and any other historical fiction books that I have. Plus my autographed books on top.

So What do your shelves look like?
Link them because I want to see them!
I found this picture cute...

4 Loud Comments:

Unknown said...

I defiantly love ur Vampire Pile. I am in LOVE with vampires. You can see my, not as nice as urs piles.

Ky said...

Omg Drea. Can I please steal all your Fruits Basket?! God you must be Tokyo Pops like number one customer. XP Hahaha! I think your book shelf rivals mine. :) Though I think you have an unfair advantage with all the manga!

Mg (LWS) said...

No you can not! The only other people I let touch them are my sister and my one bff. :) I hoard books!

Ky said...

Ah come on!!! You'd deny a fellow Fruits Basket fan a chance at happiness? I think I only got to volume 9! If that! They're just so darn expensive!!!!

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