Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Truth (That you should really read.)

Okay so this post is really hard for me to do. I've been contemplating blogging all week since i got home last Thursday, but I just can not will myself to do it. I think its the pressure I put on myself to be a constant blogger, and I know I am not that anymore. Things have changed in my life in the last couple of months between starting college and having a rough time making friends. But, their has always been one constant in my life and that is reading. I still get to read for fun, and when I take the time to sit in my dorm room ignore everything around me and read I believe, I am the happiest then. But between school work, honors program work, friends, and my work study of helping rehabilitate a intercity elementary and middle school's library, I feel like I have slacked here. That with the other activities I also do, including the school newspaper's layout, literary magazine, drama club (were I will be playing in the pit for our production of How to Succeed in Business), and woodwind ensemble, I have let all of you down. And disappointed you in the process.

But I have also made a transition in my life and I realize that I am no longer the same person. I am no longer really reading YA novels, I have grown up and have begun reading Adult Contemporary and Paranormal. This one fact makes me nervous to come back to blogging at Loud Words and Sounds because when I started LWS it was strictly manga, music, and ya novels that I reviewed in the beginning but only with some adult content towards the end. I feel like I have three choices 1.) make a new blog, 2.) stay at LWS, or 3.) become a contributor at another blog. Because of my course load, my work study, and attempting to have a social life choice number three has become one of the possibilities that I think will work the best for me. I talked to Leilani from Lelani Loves Books last night, one of my closest and best friends, and affiliate, and she has invited me to become a contributor on her blog. I feel like this is the better choice for me because a.) I won't feel pressured to come up with content for a blog that I don't have much time for, b.) my posts can be sporadic and c.)  I would be helping one of my best friends run her blog as well. This choice has been hard for me to make, and I am not completely sure if this will be the final outcome. Their is the possibility in the future that I will come back to LWS, but for right now I think I will stick with choice number three.

So please go and follow me over at Leilani's blog Lelani Loves Books, their is a link in the right bar if the one here doesn't work.

Have a happy Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year.
See you all in 2012.
Peace. Love. and Happiness.

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