Saturday, August 20, 2011

Welcome to Back to the Stacks!

So it has started or will be in a minute! We have some wonderful authors and bloggers joining us today for a 12 hour giveaway-a-thon! Including....

Cyndi Tefft (Author of Between)
Eve Langlais (Author of The Geek Job & The Bunny and the Bear)
Marliena Maxi (Author of Antara)
Mary Ting (Author of Crossroads)
Megg Jensen (Author of Anathema & Oubilette)
Shelley Workinger (Author of Solid)

So stay tune! My first giveaway should be popping up just about now and Kyleigh's giveaway at (Can't Find a Bookmark) will be too.

So check them out!

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Anonymous said...

This is so cute! Thanks


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