Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm a horrible blogger...

OKAY Sorry again everyone, I seriously really am so determined to get back into blogging its just every time I want to something gets in the way! I'm so determined that every morning I get up and I'm like I'm going to blog today, I'm going to finish the design, get some posts together, etc. Yah that has yet to happen. And I'm blaming it on the fact of wanting to get to college already and how obsessive I've become with trying to get everything together. And next week I start work so I'm hoping to be focused a lot in the next months if not then I'm going to be a horrible secretary.

But anyway I would like to wish Tera Lynn Childs a big happy Book Birthday! Because guess what! Fins Are Forever has been released today, along with the paperback of Forgive my Fins.

Fins Are Forever

Happy Book Birthday! :)
Check Fins are Forever out at you local book stores!
Or at TLC's website... HERE.

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