Monday, June 6, 2011

Coming Back

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for being so great and not leaving!

I'm happy to say that I hope I'm back for good now.... I've said that so many times before since November!? But I'm truly sure I'm back now. I have a new design ready and I'm going to implement it tonight. Basically all of the family things have balanced out and now I'm just waiting for Graduation to come and for me to move into the beautiful campus of my college in PA. I also got a job which will help with that lovely loan cost and for me to be able to do some more blogging type things like giveaways.

I hope everyone is well!

I can't wait for Graduation next week! Even though I have to wear an orange cap and gown? (I'm not looking forward to that orange.) But I hope you all will like the new design it's involving some things I love, like the Victorian era and a top hat which may or may not be from Alice in Wonderland...

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Alex said...

Hi! Love the new design, I am glad you're back for good!!! Congrats on graduation!

nymfaux said...

Congrats on the new design!--Super cute--I'm swapping out your old button for a new one right now!!!

Also, congrats on graduating!!!--That's SO awesome and exciting!!!

lol about the gown--it seems silly now, but I remember all of us girls being upset that we had to wear white (instead of purple), because we would have to wear light-colored clothes underneath so they wouldn't show through--But I don't think we minded once we took our seats on the field--we ended up having one of the hottest outdoor graduations ever!!!

I wish you all the best!!!!

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